Monday, August 4, 2008

Garden Office Installation - part 2 or 3

So you've built your log cabin. What else do you need to do? Well...It is really worth considering adding additional insulation to your roof space when you've built your log cabin. This serves two purposes. First of all it helps to keep your log cabin cosier in winter. Finnforest appear to have done some research into this and point out that the roof and floor account for 70% of heat loss. Secondly and perhaps not so obvious roof insulation helps to moderate the heat absorbed by the roof so that your log cabin temperature doesnt soar as high as a conservatory for example.

At Cabin Living we fit rockwool slabs, though we can fit the foil backed airtec system if you prefer, and then cover this with plaster board. Here we see the process almost complete with the second layer of filler on the tapered edge boards recently applied.

Then all that remains is to tidy the edges and paint. There is likely to be some movement between the roof and the walls so after a while it may be necessary to apply more decorators filler at the edges or alternatively you could fit beading to the ceiling in effect a cornice which would float up and down with the ceiling.

We will look at a few of our other options next time.

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