Saturday, September 20, 2008

Log Cabins and Planning...the dust settles

Trying to build a log cabin in your garden may just get a little more tricky. Now that the dust is beginning to settle there are good and bad points to the planning changes. The big advantage of the new system is the relaxing of the rule with regard to positioning your log cabin within 5 metres of your home. This now does not require planning whereas before the changes such a location for your log cabin would mean it was treated as an extension. Even putting it within 5 metres of a garage that is close to your home would require planning. As of 1st October in England this will no longer be the case.

The biggest problem with the changes is the fact that any log cabin over 2.5m high must be sited more than 2m from a boundary. This is likely to be an issue for many of us as we would rather tuck the cabin in a corner of what might well be a small garden anyway.

Ofcourse we are working hard to find a solution to this. There are two possible routes. Seek Planning permission with which we can certainly help in terms of drawings and relevant information for submissions but we are also looking at developing a range of cabins particularly for this boundary problem which do not exceed 2.5m in height. At the moment we can modify almost any log cabin to meet the new height restriction but in the near future we hope to supply factory produced solutions.

If you have any questions regarding modified cabins or the new planning rules please contact us on 0845 427 3927.

Please note the amended rules only apply in England both Wales and Scotland continue to follow existing planning orders.

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