Friday, November 21, 2008

More log cabins more choice

Here at Cabin Living we are busy working on new product lines for the 2009 season.

We have added over forty new log cabin designs with two new suppliers and there is more still to come.

We have a huge range of garden products ideal for log cabin living which we hope to publish on our site before the start of new year.

Requests are starting to rise for cabins less than 2.5m high and as we suspected the planning rules are starting to affect those people who do not wish to place a cabin away from a boundary. At the moment we have two solutions. On site modification during our installation process or a bespoke range of 44mm thick walled cabins that can be made to your specification.

No doubt the main manufacturers will soon pick up on the changes and start to produce ready made solutions to this problem but in the meantime Cabin Living are doing their upmost to provide the solution.

Much to our surprise demand hasn't dropped off this winter and despite the gloomy economic news we are hopeful for next year.

With rising train fares and a stagnant housing market the opportunity to work from home or expand your living space for your family is more tempting and what is more it couldnt be easier with Cabin Living.

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