Sunday, April 7, 2013

Large Log Cabin (Garden room) in Bishops Stortford

A large 5m x 5m  lowered Kippen garden room. 

Our customer ordered one of our lowered range of Log Cabins (2.5m) thus enabling a very generous 25m of cabin space (externally) and without the need for planning - again important to give a wide berth to your neighbouring boundary line - minimum of 1m.

An early start - and a long day spent getting the 25m sq base laid - it takes 6 tons of concrete for this one!

Still the main build day starts in glorious sunshine - and the 5m timbers are going together nicely

By 3pm we are at roof timbers and although the sun has gone were are doing pretty well - icy cold still

Start of the 3rd day and a deep frost welcomes us!  The cabin looks good and the customer is pleased that they went for the big one...

The last day - starts early - electrics (ably taken care of by our electrician Jon) flooring, network etc all need to be completed today....

Sensibly the customer chose our full options pack - full insulation (roof and floor), electrical sockets and lighting - together with a superb digital underfloor heating kit and topped with laminated flooring. As their growing children will primarily be using this room - then they have full control over the heating as the digital control panel is fully programmable for 7 days per week and the temperature settings are also controlled so its not on 'flat out' all the time either !

'Double' double sockets here provide plenty of options for the TV and games consoles and of course 'hard wired' Cat5e Internet access from the main house completes the installation.

Our largest cabin this year the 5m square - 2.5m High Kippen

Our customer was so delighted!

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