Thursday, July 30, 2009

Garden Office Swindon

Our latest garden room is a bespoke design providing office space for two businesses. Expanding businesses soon outgrow the spare room and a garden room can provide the extra space you need without the need for renting office space and facing a lengthy commute.

Internal partition creates a second office space.

Initial sketches are turned into detailed CAD drawings for final approval before manufacturing begins.

In most cases basework for your garden office is completed in a day.

As part of the installation we are there to unload the cabin. It normally takes around an hour to unload with two people assisting if youare planning on building it yourself.

Basework is complete and timbers are sorted as they are carried to the site.

We fit damp proof course to the floor joists as extra protection. Timbers are normally pressure treated but this provides an extra protection against rising damp. Damp proof course comes in various widths but normally it will cover at least two floor joists and can be sliced with a stanley knife once stapled.

Iniitally you will need to identify the half wall timbers that form the start of the build.

Careful reference to the construction drawings and accuurate sorting should ensure quick progress with the walls.

Add doors and then windows as you build before they get too high to lift them into place.

Walls complete and roof joists can be added.

Roof boards on and ready to fit the bitumen roof tiles. Very popular on most residential homes in Canada and an attractive finish to any garden room.

The floor is insulated with celotex boards and finished with fsc approved 18mm board to provide a perfrect base for the final finish of carpet tiles.

Ceiling insulated, plasterboarding complete and painted.

Sockets and lighting fitted.

The exterior painted with two coats of Osmo wood stain and protector. (Red Cedar)

Ready for the carpet and office furniture to be added.
Thankyou Dave and Nicky for the tea, biscuits and the chilli!
The Cabin Living team.