Thursday, October 21, 2010

Norfolk log cabin in Strathaven, Hamilton, Scotland

The Norfolk log cabin is designed for the corner of your garden and here we have a summary of our recent installation of this model.

First a five sided concrete base is prepared.

Floor joists (45mm square in this case)are laid out with damp proof course attached.

Windows are added by first fitting the exterioir trim close to the edge of the window frames and then slotting them into the half built walls of the cabin.

Almost up to roof height and time to assemble the door frame and slot this into place.

The roof design is quite complex compared to a standard rectangular cabin and assembly of this cabin is not a simple task. There is a great deal of cutting to do to fit the roof boards and tiles and it will take noticeably longer to fit than a standard rectangular cabin roof design.

Roof boards being added. The roof height makes this roof extremely difficult to stand on whilst cutting and good ladders or even scaffolding are required.

Hannah produced a very nice drawing of the cabin whilst we finished off the bitumen tile roof and completed the final stages of the cabin assemmbly.

Almost finished with just a few pieces of fascia to be fitted. Hopefully we will have a few more photos later when it's all been painted!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Building a log cabin in Bethesda, near Bangor, Wales

Another busy month for log cabin building at Cabin Living so time for a few updates.

Here we have a Luton 4 x 3m log cabin with a verandah from start to finish. The weather was a little testing at times but as you will see it doesn't always rain in Wales!

Fortunately in this instance the ballast delivery was dropped over the back wall right next to the base even though it was on a narrow hill lane and over a 10 foot slate wall. All credit to the Travis Perkins delivery driver! The rain however wasn't so accommodating and just kept on falling, as they will no doubt find out in the Ryder cup first round today.

Delivery arrives and time to move the timber to the base.

The cabin build well under way on day two and the weather starts to show signs of improvement.

Yes, that is blue sky... every log cabin fitters favourite sight!

Almost up to roof height.

A view of the hills in the sun, and nearly time for the roof joist to be fitted.

Roof joists in place which extend out to about 1 metre beyond the front wall on the Luton log cabin creating quite a large canopied area fro the verandah.

Verandah and the cabin complete

Finished just before the next big downpour!

You too could have an extra living space in your garden in just three days. Why not get in touch for your own garden office or cabin living room