Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Denham Waterski Boathouse - One of our biggest ever commercial log cabins

One of the largest log buildings we created in 2014 was a new boathouse for Denham Waterski Club.

Made from 70mm double tongue and groove timbers this cabin is a massive 12m x 10m with a total height of around 4m

The pallets filled an entire articulated lorry offloaded by a hired telehandler.

This panoramic shot shows all the pallets offloaded and the existing clubhouse.

Work progresses well at low level and we are soon starting to sort the timbers into their appropriate sizes

A lovely spot to be building a commercial log cabin.

Start of day two and doors and windows start to go in.

Slowing a little as we are now working at height but by the close of day two we are above the windows. Windows are double glazed with a tilt and turn mechanism.

Is is hard to appreciate the sense of scale but if you look at these ridge beams you get an idea of just how big this cabin is. Each timber is 12 metres long and measures around 300mm x 150mm. We calculate each ridge beam weighs somewhere around 250-300kgs!

With the rear wall completed we start to work our way up to a point where the purlins and ridge beam need to go in.

Fortunately the telehandler just fits through the garage doors!

Careful work with the telehandler gets roof beams into position.

Rood beams in place and walls completed.

A sizeable number of roof joists going in to position.

This cabin really starting to look like a cathedral of wood!

Britmet metal roofing tiles being fitted.

Insulated roof with 50mm celotex and then covered with tongue and groove.

A massive amount of work to finish the inside roof but it does look fantastic!

The roof all finished and a great vantage point for watching the fun on the water.

Doors and guttering going on.

There you have it one of the biggest log cabin buildings we have ever done!