Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wooden Greenhouses for Spring 2012

We are delighted to add a range of award winning wooden greenhouses to our product range.

We spotted these at the Garden and Leisure Exhibition last Autumn and we were suitably impressed with the quality. They look and feel great!

These really are quality greenhouses and importantly prices include installation and delivery by dedicated installation teams from the British manufacturers Swallow (GB) Ltd

The Kingfisher Combination combines a quality greenhouse with a shed.


All greenhouses feature Bayliss automatic openers on vent windows.

Copper Gulleys as used on the Cygnet Greenhouse

The T-shaped Cygnet Greenhouse with optional porch area sizes

Quality door locks fitted as standard

You can also opt to have your greenhouse painted as part of the installation for an additional 25%

A variety of options including staging and guttering kits to meet your unique requirements.

There is also a range of  lean-to greenhouses particularly suited to south facing walls.

The Raven Greenhouse features double doors for easy access with a wheelbarrow or wide trays.

Now is the perfect time to try out your green fingers, whether you are just starting out or looking to replace a delapidated shed or greenhouse with something much more useful please to a look at our greenhouses.

Ordering is simple, prepare a level base and typically within two weeks of your order your greenhouse will be delivered and installed by professionals.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finnforest Log Cabin Range Chopped Down!

The Finnforest Helsinki log cabin built by Cabin Living in 2010

Big News Day - Finnforest have discontinued all their larger log cabins dramatically reducing their product range. It looks as though they are trimming down the manufacturing facilities to concentrate on the core business of building material supplies. A bit of a shame as we've always enjoyed working with the quality of cabins they produced. We're in the process of establishing bespoke log cabin options of a similar style and standard. 

Finnforest were always a bit inflexible to modifications so it may even prove to be an advantage in the future. Upgrading to double glazing for example will be easier.

It seems we will remain one of the select few to have ever built the Helsinki log cabin!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lymington log cabin installation - Garden Office

A bespoke cabin based on the Liverpool log cabin with internal dimensions of 4.5m x 5m and a lowered ridge height of 2.5m

Painted inside and out and fitted with skylights, roof and floor insulation.

The Liverpool log cabin fitted with the optional verandah

The skylights certainly add quite a bit of additional natural light.

Oak effect laminate fitted. Ideal for use with underfloor heating.

Skylights fitted with double glazing are available from Screwfix for around £120 each excluding fitting costs.

Celotex insulation fitted above the standard floor in this case to be finished with oak effect laminate.

Celotex (50mm) is fitted to both the floor and ceiling providing a comfort grade level. It is possible to upgrade to meet building regulations for residential use where almost double the amount would be required.

50mm of Polyurethane insulation is sufficient for comfortable home working in most Garden Office applications.

The Dulux Weathershield white seemed to take more and more paint requiring almost 10 litres in this case. We would therefore still be inclined towards an oil based paint to save labour. 

Oil based Sadolin Superdec can be mixed to a variety of colours and may be the subject of a blog entry shortly!

Doors fitted with first coat of white applied.

Dulux Weathershield can be mixed to almost any colour and provides a satin finish to the cabin.

First layer of top coat on the windows and second coat of blue on the walls.

A greyish undercoat is first applied prior to doing the top coat.

Quick drying Dulux Weathershield is usually dry within 2 hours even in January!

A frame is created around the skylight to cover the insulation and plasterboard.

Walls go up relatively quickly and we are usually up to roof height end of day one.

Wall pieces are sorted as they are brought round to the base to speed up the installation process.