Thursday, December 1, 2011

Garden Building with Gym and Sauna

A large modified Liverpool log cabin built in Ivinghoe near Leighton Buzzard and Dunstable.

First of all the area is levelled for the former and we mix the concrete on site.

A 5m x 5m base so at least 5 Jumbo bags of ballast required and around 25 bags of cement.

Base laid and set, we can start the cabin assembly. Floor joists are covered with good quality damp proof course.

Walls lined up we start the build. Drilling and fixing wall logs as we go.

Soon up to window height so windows are slotted into place and the door frame is fitted.

Close of day one and or at least the close of daylight and we have roof boards and a good covering of quality damp proof membrane so the cabin will remain dry overnight.

Start of the second day and we fit bitumen roof tiles. Note the cabin next door (not one of ours) with an inferior roof covering!

Spot the difference in the quality of these two roofs!

Interior floor fitted ready for Bob to insulate and fit the sauna!

The 5 metre by 5 metre option offers a huge amount of additional recreational space.

Bob Opted for the doors from the Devon log cabin as opposed to the full length glazed doors standard to the Liverpool. We can accommodate door style changes at no extra cost.

Lowered to 2.5m ridge height this cabin complies with rules to avoid the need for planning permission in England.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Garden Office Building in Dollar

A lovely situation to install a garden office on this occasion with lovely mature trees and views along the River Devon.

Cabin delivered and time to transfer the timber to the base for assembly.

Plenty of pieces in the jigsaw.

Walls line up. with a low threshold cabin such as this you can use one of the rear wall logs to ensure the front walls either side of the door are in the correct position before fixing them to the floor joists.

Timber (spruce) stacked up and ready to go

Floor joists fitted with damp proof membrane to avoid rising damp.

Door frame assembled the windows can start to go in as the walls get higher.

A few gaps in the timber pile now.

Time to get out the steps as we get above comfortable working height.

Roof joists in place ready to fit the roof boards

A low angle roof so first of all we fit a good quality damp proof membrane.

Then we fit roofing felt with a healthy overlap in the layers

Finally we fit Onduline bitumen roofing sheets.

70mm screw fixings particularly for the triple overlapped sections.

A good overlap at the rear for guttering if necessary.

Picture perfect in this wonderful setting.

With almost any garden office building we recommend 50mm Celotex insulation fitted in the floor and ceiling. Ceilings are finished with plasterboard mounted between the roof joists to maintain the character of the log cabin.

Timber floor over the insulation.

Ready to install the underfloor heating and real wood flooring. More updates coming soon!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Bitumen roof tiles available with home delivery

Due to popular demand we now have Black Hexham roof shingles in stock. Our current black/grey hexham and bourne tiles are both best described as mottled grey whereas the new hexham black tile is black! See the photos below to get an idea of just what these new tiles look like.

black hexham roof tiles
black bitumen roof tiles
black bitumen roof shingles

We are leading suppliers of bitumen roof shingles with prices permanently low at £10 per sqm. Delivery will normally be £50 direct to your door within a few days but you can save on delivery if purchasing orders in excess of 30sqm.

Call us on 01259 769203 to place an order.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Roald Dahl - shedworking classics

Interesting articles on the web and news today regarding the workspace of a certain Roald Dahl.

The peaceful solitude of his writers hut complete with armchair and writing board. Apparently he hated sitting at a desk and wanted to save his aching back.

A detailed article in the Metro provides a little more insight into this famous "Shedworker"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mokki log cabin - near Hitchin

We've been rather busy these past few weeks so a bit of catching up to do on the blog! Here's the first of many!

One of our summer installations took us to Pirton near Hitchin and Luton. The Mokki log cabin is part of our finnforest log cabin range and although it is toward the budget end of our range the quality of finnforest timber is quite clear.

Concrete base completed on day one.

First the floor joists are cut to length and evenly spaced within the concrete pad.

Budget finnforest cabins make use of corner channels instead of the more traditional interlocked corners of most models. It could be argued that these types of joints may provide better weather protection.

Once all the corners are in place the process of assembling the walls is quite straightforward.

Check the levels of the door frame, posts and window before fitting the wall apex sections.

Again check the corner posts are vertical before starting to fit the roof boards.