Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Java log cabin in Southgate, North London

One of the coolest designs installed in 2014 was the Java log cabin complete with folding/sliding doors.

The Java uses 70mm thick logs which create a very strong building  and the folding doors open up the living space to the garden.

Here we have a shot with the basic wall structure complete ready for the roof boards to be fitted.

This model has double glazed windows and doors and a small side store with its own external access door.

20mm tongue and groove roof boards are fitted and the cabin also includes tongue and groove ceiling boards where ceiling insulation can be fitted between the rafters.

Doors in place and the small decking area nearly finished.

Either an edpm roof or corrugated roofing sheets are fitted to this model.

The doors can opened up and slide over to one side creating a massive opening onto your garden.

A side store a the back with its own access door and a frosted glass window to the small internal room accessed by an internal door handy for a toilet or store room.

For those on a tighter budget there is the 44mm version with sliding doors

Lowered Devon log cabin in Chislehurst near Bromley

Only a few pictures of the Lowered Devon log cabin reduced to 2.5m ridge height to avoid the need for planning.

4 inch concrete pad prepared for the cabin to sit on.

The Devon, Luton, Wales and Liverpool log cabins all feature the 1 metre canopy shown on this model.

There is an option to supply an additional verandah for £300 or £500 including fitting costs if you are taking advantage of our installation services.

Front trim still to go on and insulation about to be installed.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dorset log cabin installed near Warwick and Stratford Upon Avon

September 2014 saw us building the Dorset log cabin on a pre-prepared deck base.

Installed in a day including the options of roof and floor insulation.

The cabin is moved into position and log lengths are sorted into their various sizes to speed up assembly.

A sizeable timber base prepared prior to our arrival.

Double glazed windows and doors with one opening window the Dorset log cabin is good value for money.

With a flattish roof such as this we recommend either an EDPM roofing system or Corrugated Bitumen Roofing sheets. 

Warminster log cabin installed in Caterham, Surrey - Borkum log cabin

Only a couple of pictures of the Warminster log cabin aslo known as the Borkum 3 log cabin installed in Caterham in June 2014.

The Warminster log cabin offers the combination of a Summer room and a handy side store for all you garden tools or bicycles.

The front and rear wall can be reversed so that the store can be built on the left or right side.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lowered Liverpool log cabin 4m x 4m - Dressmaking & Costume studio in Coulsdon, Surrey

Towards the end of June 2014 and we were installing two cabins in the Southern fringes of London. 

This is the Lowered Liverpool log cabin installed in Coulsdon for a very talented Dress and Costume Maker with her own facebook page The Lining, The Stitch And The Wardrobe.

It is particularly good to see this cabin in full use in the pictures further below.

The walls can be reversed if necessary so that the doors are on the left or right and the side window can be placed on either side.

With 44mm logs and double glazed windows this is a very solid cabin on a reasonably small budget.

The cabin starting to settle into its surroundings with a lovely neutral paint colour.

The garden in full bloom really sets an idyllic scene to work from home.

Another fantastic creation destined for a West End show

It may be frosty outside but it certainly looks like a lovely place to work inside.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Bespoke Cheltenham log cabin 70mm - Swanage

Approaching mid Summer in 2014 and the next installation update is a bespoke 70mm thick walled version of the Cheltenham log cabin which has the added feature of our higher grade "weekend+" class windows and doors.

Corrugated roofing sheets or an EDPM roof are recommended for this model. We would not recommend fitting bitumen roof shingles on a roof with less than 15 degree roof pitch.

Weekend grade windows and doors feature milti point locking mechanisms which can be seen clearly if you click on the pictures below.

Any 70mm walled log cabin from this range will feature these higher grade double glazed windows and doors.

Open the single handle 90 degrees to hinge the window.

Turning the handle 180 degrees and the window will tilt open hinging at the bottom instead.

Insulated ceiling and floor and electrics being installed.

A lovely thank you note from another Happy Customer!

Low Liverpool log cabin 4m x 4m - built in Ottery St Mary, Devon

Built n June 2014 this is the Lowered Liverpool log cabin

With 44mm thick walls and double glazing it represents great value for money.

This is the 4m x 4m version which provides plenty of space for an expanding family!

Quality insulation - using Xtratherm, Kingspan or Celotex this is high grade polyurethane insulation foil backed typically 50mm thick. 

This insulation offers great U values keeping the cabin cool in Summer and warmer in Winter. 

As this insulation is moisture resistant you will not have any issues with moisture retention which can lead to issues if you use standard rockwool or similar materials.

Complete with the additional verandah for £300 this cabin really looks fabulous!

Insulated floor finished with a quality laminate from the Wickes range.

Hexagonal red bitumen roof shingles are an option with all The Low Liverpool log cabins.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Chippenham log cabin - built near Romsey, Hampshire

The Chippenham log cabin which has been on special offer in Autumn 2015.

This model is also known as the Gotland 7F measuring 5m x 5m. There is a slightly smaller version called the Gotland 6F measuring 4m (door side) x 5m deep currently on special offer.

This particular one was installed near Romsey back in 2014 and provides a perfect Summer House.

Finished in Sadolin advanced One Coat which should not need repainting for approximately 5 years.