Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two garden offices for the price of one!

The Aylesbury log cabin was perfect for this couple who both work from home at least part of the time. With a growing family the Aylesbury gives them two seperate office spaces and a sanctuary from the little ones.

Our client prepared the base in this case so supply and installation was completed for around £4500.

The perfect setting for our latest installation in the Argyll forest in the west of Scotland.

A beautiful setting though what you can't see are the dreaded midgies!

Our client used standard 600mm square slabs layed level on a bed of sand. Alternatively a concrete base can be prepared.

First few rows of wall log in place and the windows can be added to the cabin.

Window frames are all pre-assembled and simply slot into place. The door frame has to be assembled on site though it is relatively straightforward.

Door frame in and almost time for the step ladders!

Roof joists going into place and nearly ready to fit the tongue and groove roof boards.

You can clearly see the partiton and second office in this shot.

Long windows and doors let in lots of natural light.

Doors, roof tiles and trim fitted and we're pretty much there.

Garden offices supplied and installed