Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shed of the year.

It just goes to show log cabins arent just garden offices or home cinemas. Really they are as versatile as you care to make them. This is the winner of shed of the year 2008

The following quote is taken from Dave over at shedworking one of our favourite blogs.

"There was a huge public response to the competition with more than 3,000 votes for over 900 entries in 12 categories but in a very, very close call the winner is the Rugby Pub owned by Tim from Sudbury, Suffolk. Designed and built by Tim himself, it has eight roof lights, an octagonal roof and double doors. Plus a full bar, three fridges, ceiling fan, running water and sea grass matting floor. And a hammock. But there's no television, no phone and, as Tim puts it, no shortage of liquid refreshment"

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