Thursday, August 14, 2008

Log cabins as Boat Houses

I was on the water the other day and had a thought....Why not buy a steel barge from Holland as done on Grand designs and then build A Helsinki Log cabin on the deck. I think it would be a Grand sdesign worth seeing. Not only would the hull provide additional accommodation but the Helsinki itself has four rooms for living in.

If anyone out there thinks its a good idea and would like to do it contact the Cabin Living team because we would love to build it.

I'm not sure what the barge itself would cost plus the mooring but the cabin is around £10,000. We can even fit the kitchen and bathrooms as well as the log cabin.

It could be a very in-expensive way to have a luxury home close to London.

There must be someone out there who would like to try it or even someone out there with a barge and a mooring for sale that may be interested in selling to us.

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