Saturday, September 13, 2008

Log Cabin Builders toolkit.

At Cabin Living we specialise in building your log cabin for you. That said many people choose to install a log cabin by themeselves. We do offer supply only but our advice is that you have to be a confident diyer to tackle a log cabin assembly.

In the next few articles I'd like to run through some of the problems you are likely to encounter, give away a few trade secrets and give you an idea of the types of tools you'll need for the job.

Basically the two main parts of an installation are the base and the log cabin itself.

First of all lets just make an inventory of the tools we carry and use to do the job.

Garden fork,
Two cordless drills
Cross cut saw
Skil Saw
Cement Mixer
Brad Nailer
Staple Gun
assorted fixings,
Claw Hammer
Nail Punch
Rubber Mallet
Lump Hammer
Adjustable spanner
The Magic spanner (i'll explain it later)
Platform 3-4 feet high
Step Ladders
Tool Belt
Stanley Knife
Bull nose plane
Electric Planer
Extension Lead
Ear Defenders
Paint Brush
Lorry Strap

There may be a few I've missed (I will add more as they spring to mind) and indeed some you could cope without but that just about covers it. Next time we'll consider the problems you might encounter when you tackle the log cabin installation.

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