Friday, March 11, 2011

Log Cabin Electrical Work

Back to Leuchars near St Andrew's yesterday following the arrival of the armoured cable from the electrical wholesalers.

As our Stirling based electrician Andy worked inside the cabin fitting the sockets, trunking and lights we prepared the trench for the armoured cable.

The cable is buried beyond 450mm deep ie significantly more than a spades depth.

Directional spotlight supplied by our client provides a flexible lighting solution ideally suited for use in your log cabin.

Fuse box within the cabin with trip switches for both the lighting circuit and ring main circuit.

Electrical testing underway so that safety certificates can be produced on completion.

The garden cabin complete and ready for handover.

Many thanks to Jean and John for their hospitality and for what are undoubtedly be the best ever cheese and ham toasties!

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