Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lowered Liverpool log cabin 4m x 4m - Dressmaking & Costume studio in Coulsdon, Surrey

Towards the end of June 2014 and we were installing two cabins in the Southern fringes of London. 

This is the Lowered Liverpool log cabin installed in Coulsdon for a very talented Dress and Costume Maker with her own facebook page The Lining, The Stitch And The Wardrobe.

It is particularly good to see this cabin in full use in the pictures further below.

The walls can be reversed if necessary so that the doors are on the left or right and the side window can be placed on either side.

With 44mm logs and double glazed windows this is a very solid cabin on a reasonably small budget.

The cabin starting to settle into its surroundings with a lovely neutral paint colour.

The garden in full bloom really sets an idyllic scene to work from home.

Another fantastic creation destined for a West End show

It may be frosty outside but it certainly looks like a lovely place to work inside.

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