Monday, November 16, 2015

Barbados 3 UK double walled log garden office - Introductory offer £4750!

For the past few years we have offered a few bespoke cabins similar to this model but due to popular demand we have secured a small production run of double walled log cabins which means we are able to bring this model to a wider audience at a reduced cost.

Here you can clearly see the 100mm cavity created by the floating internal walls which is ideal for 70mm or 80mm Celotex or Kingspan insulation boards leaving a recommended air gap for maximum efficiency

Measuring 4m x 3.1m the Barbados 3 has been a popular size for many of our customers. With room for a sofa, and even two desks or a sofa bed and a a single desk it is a very useful bit of extra space.

With our options of roof, floor and wall insulation and the added benefits of our complete electrical installation service and the amazing underfloor heating system you could move in all year round!

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