Monday, July 7, 2008

Cabin Living - log cabin installation with a difference

Garden office installers seem to take two forms:

The first reminds me of those expensive jewellery shops where if you need to ask how much it is you can't afford it! And if you're looking for a garden office you'll find plenty of sites like that.

The second promises the best prices on the net and then expects you to build your garden office yourself. Ofcourse if you've got the time and you have competent DIY skills you might well do it yourself but what if you don't? More of these sites are picking up on the flaw in their plan and are now saying they offer installation but at what price?..well its not very clear on the sites I've looked at and what is more they often have a bit of small print saying no base installation. (even though they all recommend a concrete base)

Now, how many people who want a garden office have the time and the energy to dig out their site, a mixer and a over a tonne of aggregrate and cement to do the toughest part of the installation?

Ofcourse theres more a trench to run cable for electrical connection, insulation and plasterboarding including tape and joining....

So here is the difference Garden Office Installation that is comprehensive, affordable and pricing that is there for all to see.

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