Thursday, July 10, 2008

Homeworking News

You know I just googled "homeworking news" and virtually nothing seems to have been indexed since 2007. A slight exageration but only slightly. So why is homeworking out of the news?

The answer is I don't know. We live in Central Scotland on a fairly modern estate and I can pick out about five people a stones throw from here who work from home. A couple are in sales, one proof reads novels another is an accountant and another works in web design.

This trend is definitely on the rise and who can blame them. Cut down your travel costs, save time and have more time with your friends and family.

It sounds great but the truth is with space a premium the home office is often a compromise. Setting up and clearing away on the dining room table if you have one isn't ideal. Ofcourse if the office is just behind the spare room door it may be hard to switch off...especially if the email's continue to ping in through the evening.

So that is why I've fallen for a garden office. It's not exactly a long commute... 6 possibly 5 seconds on a good day. But its far enough away to switch off in the evening...and I don't get distracted by the children or the washing machine going on to full spin.

So what is the news...I like it ....I dare say I love it...if you can make it work for you...I suggest you jump on in and try the water....Homeworking is the future.

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