Sunday, July 6, 2008

Log Cabin Introductions.

I thought it was time to introduce the log cabin I have in my garden. The first one we had was built down south at our old house and I'm sure it was probably one of the top reasons we sold that house so quickly. Log Cabins certainly are a unique selling point. Anyway back to the here and now.

This is a picture of the site. Sorry no step by step pictures of assembly instead now you dont see it then now you do!

my log cabin site

and now the now you do.

my log cabin building

I suppose one question I often get asked is do you need planning. Basically if it is 5 metres from your, you don't. There are other rules such as less than 4m high with a pitched roof...not closer than the home to any highway...and uses ancillary to the main home (in other words don't move granny in there). That said if you had an extra friend over one night and if it was the choice between erecting a tent in the garden and sleeping in a cosy cabin I know which one I'd go for and I wouldn't expect the council to be breaking your door down in the morning.

Over the next few posts I will add a bit more about how I use my log cabin.

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