Friday, July 25, 2008

Log Cabin Construction

Probably the biggest challenge when faced with a log cabin construction project is the base. This can be even more challenging when access becomes an issue. The labour involved in moving over a ton of aggregate through someones living room certainly makes the task quite a bit tougher. An alternative is to lay concrete slabs evenly spaced across the base to obtain a level surface with considerably less concrete mix. In this case though greater care must be taken to ensure the ground is well compacted and not prone to movement which could affect the building as ground conditions vary.

The log cabin itself varies in terms of construction though walls are generally made of single or double tongue and groove and each piece is lap jointed to the next wall. Construction is quite straightforward but this has to be weighed up with the time and cost of assembling the base. If you are a keen 'diy'er you may consider tackling the assembly yourself but it does require at least two days to complete, a selection of hand tools, and a head for heights when you start to fit the roof and roof tiles.

At Cabin Living we are fully insured with AXA and have had years of experience in the construction industry and can manage your project from beginning to end.

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