Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Garden Office - Solar Power your laptop

A few days of sunshine can make you dream up all sorts of wonderful ideas.
With energy bills on the rise we have been studying our electricity consumption fairly closely and with threats of high increases in the near future any ways of reducing utitlity bills start to look interesting.

We've been looking at some of the photo cell solar panels out there and they are really starting to look like a good choice. Panels vary in cost but for about £150 you can get a fairly decent one that should power a laptop all day. Ofcourse thats not the end of it...you will need a power invertor and a spare car battery. I already happen to have the invertor which I use to power the laptop when we're on a long drive so the kids can watch dvd's!

So the question is how much higher will fuel bills have to rise before I spend the £150, fix the panel to the roof of the cabin and go solar. Sooner rather than later me thinks...

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