Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our latest log cabin installation - part 1

Well it does what it says on the tin

Periodically I will display projects we have recently worked on to give you further insight into the type of work we do during your cabin installation.

log cabin base mark out

First the base is marked out. It is always worth contacting your council to confirm there is no problem with your site. No problems here as the proposed site is more than 5m from the home.

log cabin base dug out

The turf layer dug out to a depth to accommodate the shuttering for the concrete base. The soil layer must be compact and level.

log cabin concrete shuttering

The shuttering is put together and then staked around the edge and fixed to produce level and solid frame ready for pouring concrete.

log cabin concrete base

The concrete base is poured and levelled ready for delivery of the log cabin. This work is normally completed at least a week in advance of the expected delivery date.

Installation part 2 will be added following cabin delivery and assembly.

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