Sunday, July 13, 2008

A garden candidate for the Kota BBQ hut

There is no doubt the corner of this garden needs something.

I thought a Kota BBQ hut would be ideal here. But then I did some research and I saw the prices.

Considering the amount of wood involved in one of these I can't quite figure out why they are so expensive. There's got to be less wood in them compared to at least half of our log cabin range and yet they cost a fortune.

So I have new goal I'm off to to the trade shows this summer on a mission to find a better deal, so that Cabin Living can supply these in the UK at a price that doesn't leave your mouth wide open.

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Unknown said...

The kota hut is sold my many companies from 4500 to 6000. one has sloping sides which sounds a better option - There's one site that gives prices with and without the BBQ+Chimney - it looks like that part is 600 quid, the cabin is therefore well overpriced.