Monday, August 22, 2011

Devon 3m x 3m log cabin in Birmingham

Installation of a Devon 3m x 3m having completed the concrete base the day before.

Blink and you'll miss it! It was so damp during the assembly that there wasn't much time for pictures!

concrete base for a garden room
Not much space to sort the pieces.

concrete base for a log cabin

Osmo woodstain being applied whilst we finished the interior

osmo wood paint
A tight squeeze with overhanging branches and established architectural planting in place!

devon log cabin

The green hexham bitumen roof tiles are complete.

hexham roof shingles

bitumen roof shingles
Insulated ceiling with 50mm Celotex, 9.5mm tapered edge plasterboards and timber edging to finish.

insulating a log cabin
50mm Celotex or Kingspan in the floor followed by underfloor heating and then finished with oak effect laminate.

inside a log cabin

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