Thursday, January 31, 2013

Runcorn Garden Studio - Home working

Today we received an update from Angie Atherton who we installed a garden office for in September of 2012 which reads as follows:

Hi Fraser

Sorry it has taken us so long to send you a picture of the cabin you fitted in Sept 2012 but we literally only just finished the path and tidied up the garden etc so you can see it in all its glory!

We used Concord Grape for the main Cabin and Super White Satin for the window and door frames.
The interior is painted with antique ivory.

Attached is an outside view and a couple of interior shots, one of the consultation area for my brides and the other of the display area - we are so pleased with everything.

I am now working from home and couldnt be happier!

Kindest Regards

Angie Atherton

The weather that wasn't the best! With flooding across vast parts of England we were fortunate to have a build on high ground!

Concrete base completed on day one and we were ready to start the build.

50mm Celotex or Xtratherm in the roof and floor.

Underfloor heating using the foil mat system works out around 150 watts per square metre.

Therefore about 1.5kw for an average sized cabin which is about the size of a typical wall mounted electric heater.

Ceilings finished in plasterboard ready for painting.

The cabin complete ready for painting.

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