Saturday, February 9, 2013

'Windy' West Midlands - Stourbridge

A 'Low' Liverpool cabin - 4m x 3m x 2.5m high 

Well, what a start to my year !
+Fraser and I started our first install together in very blustery Stourbridge, (w/c 28th January)
 I (Terry) have just joined Cabin Living -  installing log cabin kits, blogging, emailing, and generally trying to look busy - its that 'new' job honeymoon period where you get to do so many new things without getting into too much trouble !!

That's all the timber needed for a 2.5m (ridge height) Liverpool cabin - my son is great at Lego but was I?

3 hours later - base timbers are down, walls going up, door frame in place - Mmm going nicely I think...

then the rain began, it rained, and rained, and... - well you get the picture!

Day 2

Nice action shot of Fraser (the boss) 'looking' busy! - well it's me with the camera so clearly I'm not being a lot of use right now

Second day; walls fully up, all the frames and windows in place, roof joists etc and Fraser busy nailing the roof timbers in place

4 hours later - roof felted and finished, just waiting for trims...

then the rain began again, and it rained, and rained, and... boring !

Day 3

9.30am day 3- coming along well now - the final furlong, roof trims in place, doors on, floor going down

by midday main floor is down - 50mm Celotex insulation down, laminate in place, skirting's pinned - just a tidy up and a clean down...

1pm and we are done and dusted - a pretty garden office don't you think? 

a bit of corner detail - and finally BLUE sky! I had forgotten just how good that looked

Lovely canopy detail 

gives you a good sense of the warm timber feel inside

Thank you for stopping by...We'll be in Bingley next week - snow forecast!

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