Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Double Walled Gloucester Log Cabin in Chipperfield

Installation of our first Gloucester log cabin of 2013.

Pressure treated floor bearers ready with dpm in place. 44mm thick walls with a 100mm cavity.

Arranging the timbers for the front windows.

A closer look at the arrangement of the timbers to create the 100mm cavity.

A few of the pieces of a very big jigsaw!

One fo the front walls taking shape ready for the front window to be fitted.

A view of the side window in place and the walls half built.

The beauty of a twin walled log cabin is that the electrics can be concealed between the cavities.

70mm Extratherm foil backed insulation boards are fitted in the cavity.

Front windows and door frame in place.

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Walls finished and roof joists in place.
Roof boards are fitted with nail guns. Or a hammer and nails if you prefer. A handy tip here is to fit a long timber (visible in the top of the picture) to the two longest wall boards to provide a guide for positioning the ends of the roof boards as they are fitted
Corrugated bitumen roofing sheets are the best solution for a roof of this pitch
Deep window returns typical of a thick twin walled log cabin.

The Gloucester log cabin with a coat of undercoat almost complete.

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