Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cheltenham Garden Office with Decking - Bury St Edmunds

Back in February 2014 we installed our very popular Cheltenham log cabin.

Starting with the 100mm thick concrete pad the ground was also prepared for a timber deck in front of the cabin.

After transferring the cabin to the back garden the log parts are sorted into their various sizes.

As the walls go up the double glazed windows complete with frame can be slotted onto the walls.

Soon up to roof height preparation can be made for the timber deck.

Battening between the roof joists leaves space to fit 50mm of Celotex before fitting the plasterboard ceiling.

Canopy lights add a touch of class to the look of the cabin.

Guttering ensures rainwater does not hot the ground and bounce back up onto the cabin walls.

Decking trimmed and finished completes the stylish look f this garden room.

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