Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Alex log cabin - Newport Pagnell Near Milton Keynes

Continuing our install updates from Spring 2014 with this well documented build of the Alex log cabin in Newport Pagnell.

Sorting and stacking the 44mm logs made from solid spruce with double tongue and groove

Pressure treated floor bearers laid with damp proof course on top and the build can begin.

Quickly the cabin walls are up with double glazed window fitted.

A close up showing the make up of the double glazed unit.

Insulated ceilings using qaulity polyurethane insulation which is moisture resistance and has a really good U-value.

Roof shingles on and you can see the overhang to allow water to run into a gutter.

Scaffolding (a must for next weeks job) and a good steps or ladders make the roofing job safer and easier.

Underfloor heating kit ready to be fitted with laminate flooring to finish.

The last piece of laminate ready to go in place.

A complimentary Cabin Living mug on the beautiful oak laminate floor.

Garage consumer unit, double sockets and programmer for the underfloor heating.

The Alex Garden Office all finished and ready to move in.

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