Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bingley - and a whistle stop tour of Salts Mill-Saltaire

2nd 'Low' Liverpool cabin of the new year 

Our week gets off to a rather snowy start as was predicted - This time we are just east of Bingley - Gilstead Hall, an 18th century hall divided into 3 homes with fine crenellations!

Day 1

its a steep driveway with limited access - we weren't sure we'd drive out so easily!

The garden wasn't a lot easier! - the whole cabin was transported through to the back garden via the customer's kitchen (their suggestion!) access was always going to be a major headache...

The cabin arrived late due to the weather, so we got it all into the garden ready for a fresh start the next morning...

Day 2

everything went through the open doorway on the left - everything!

The 44mm solid Pine 'logs' stacked in place - ready for the 'off'!

The bearers go down and the first row of timbers are set down on top - so glad the base was already laid!!

We had the cabin built to rafter height (about an hour on from this picture) before the snow came in with a vengeance, and by the time we had got the roof half on, in came the coldest sleet I can ever remember together with very high winds - that was enough for one day!

Day 3

A lunchtime view on day 3 from what used to be the original Hall's tennis court upto the cabin - hard to believe the day before gave us snow, sleet and high winds - today broken cloud, blue sky and a log cabin looking splendid in its new elevated position.

this one has the full 'works' - roof insulation (50mm Xtratherm boards) followed by plasterboard ceiling (taped and jointed), floor insulated (50mm Xtratherm), underfloor heating, electrics and Cat5 networking - with double glazed windows as standard, we think the customer is going to have a toasty new office.

sunshine at last - snow seems almost a distant memory

Day 4

Electric underfloor heating element, bonded to a reinforced fabric mesh and coated in tear resist foil to keep heat in the floor - there's 50mm of Xtratherm below that and 18mm solid pine floor beneath that!! 

a splendid new Canadian Elm laminate floor over the top of the electric underfloor heating mat - electric cables are left loose for the electrician to complete his second fix tomorrow.

This is what 4 days of hard work and numerous cups of tea can achieve!

A majestic sight - on a majestic site!

Later that day....

we had an earlier than expected finish due to the improving weather and so took a quick trip down to Salts Mill - Saltaire  before it closed for the day

we had just enough to time to enjoy a brisk tour of the Hockney exhibition and the rather grand elevations of Salts Mill (a world heritage site no less).

Here's one of my Hockney faves...anyone know this period?

A great interior view of the 2nd floor of the Mill - erm.. no, that is not a Hockney on the left! but a wonderfully colourful (and huge) mill interior perspective none-the-less - wish I could remember the artist....

We say 'farewell' to the hills and dales of West Yorkshire, and head home south

Iver Heath coming up shortly and we are installing our 2012 best seller the Cheltenham -  stay tuned and thanks for stopping by !

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