Monday, February 25, 2013

Iver Heath- Uxbridge

The 1st Cheltenham cabin of the year (Our best seller for 2012)

Not the most auspicious of starts I think you would agree! glad I didn't consider packing away my 'thermals' too soon...

Day 1

Mmm, yes that 'is' where the cabin is going to go! A 4x3m cabin never had a tighter fit

Day 2

Unfortunately the garden soon took on the look of a Glastonbury festival outfield 

The Cheltenham log cabin not only exudes contemporary splendour but very fine joinery to boot...

close up's of the turn and tilt hardware for these lovely long windows - quality!

Day 3

Roof boards in place - Onduline roof panels over that and 50mm Xtratherm floor insulation completed; with plenty of tea, things are moving along well - still bitterly cold though

Day 4

The best of the front shots, gives decent view of the front windows, trims and double doors

Electric cables ready for the electrician to fit sockets & lights and connect the underfloor heating
Laminate flooring and plasterboard ceiling compliment the 'full options package

A sweep around inside, clean the glass and tidy the garden and we are complete, really not sure how the back of that cabin will get painted though! only hope they get on well with the neighbours...

Next week we are closer to 'home' in Sutton veny - Deepest Wiltshire
with a 4m x4m Kippen log cabin - drop by to check it out 

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