Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Log Cabins In The Rolling Hills Of Sutton Veny, Warminster

  in the Wylye Valley, Wiltshire

Hello again, we're much nearer to home this time ...

picture courtesy of Sutton Veny's blog site. 

We are here to install a Kippen 4m x 4m cabin; again this is one of our popular 2.5m height range of log cabins, thus eliminating the need to apply for planning permission providing its not too close to your boundary.

Day 1

Lovely morning - chilly, but the sun was up

10 am - the spot chosen, the turf cut - ready to mix! 

Well that was quick! - 2.30pm - just clean up and an early finish for once...

Day 2

Cabin kit arrives promptly and off we go - tanalised bearers down complete with DPM strip

Late lunch and we're almost upto the rafters - grey and 'numb finger' cold today

3.45pm the sun finally peeped through and we're nailing on the roof  T&G boards

Day 3

Midday and first fix electrics are complete - roof complete and trims to go on, we still have a trench to dig though...

The cabin construction is complete, now to get the electrics and network connected to the house...

Day 4

Yesterday, the customer realised that his new shed with its basic roof just doesn't cut the grade - could we, 'while you're here' sort that shed roof out please? 

it seems about time then for another round of strong tea (2 sugars please) and flapjack to make an appearance!

Both shed and new cabin now have matching bitumen shingle roofs - the trench is filled - the electrician is busy 2nd fixing and fitting the new consumer unit into the cabin

2.40pm day 4 - There we have it - a superb new garden office

We were given much admiration by the steady stream of neighbours who just 'happened' to be passing by - I'm sure the numbers of people increased as the week went by...

many thanks for the copious tea Tim !

Next time its Wantage and the 'full Monty' with a lowered Liverpool cabin and a full options package

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